Due Dates

  • Federal 941 Payment Due Date-Semiweekly depositors
  • Pay day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday deposit due by following Wednesday
  • Pay day Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday deposit due by following Friday



Events in April 2021

  • Apr 15th Monthly 941 deposit, Individual Form 1040, C Corporation Form 1120, Gift Tax Return Form 709, Indiana S Corporation IT-20S, Indiana Partnership Form IT-65, 1st Qtr. federal and state individual estimates, 1st Qtr. federal business estimate
  • Apr 20th Early filer WH-1 and ST-103, 1st Qtr. state business estimate
  • Apr 30th Monthly filer WH-1 and ST-103, 1st Qtr. 941, 1st Qtr. UC-1 and UC-5A, 1st Qtr. 940 deposit

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